Scent: earthy, sweet, mysterious 
Ingredients: Saponified olive(85%) & laurel(15%) oil, henna powder, henna oil
Minimum weight: 8oz (Every soap is made, cut & stamped by hand. The variances between  each bar do not affect the quality of the product.) We love these generous blocks of long lasting soaps. They take up to 6 months to make and cure. Make sure to store in a dry surface. 

Named after a henna artist that often decorated founder Hajar's hands. This is a semi mild Aleppo soap recipe, with 15% laurel. 
Let your skin & scalp enjoy the benefits of henna. It will not color the skin, hair or fabric. Try as a  body wash or enjoy it as a shampoo followed your favorite conditioner or an apple cider vinegar  rinse.
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