Citrus & Geranium Lymphatic Salt Body Scrub

Citrus & Geranium Lymphatic Salt Body Scrub

Fat Of The Land

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Stimulate your body’s waterways. This invigorating, citrusy, and bright salt scrub is both a physical and energetic cleanser. Wash away the excess and invigorate the lymphatic system. Infused with powerful and lymph-loving poke root, along with Hudson Valley sunflower oil. Feel the nourishing power of the flowers.

In a 6 OZ glass jar, 177 GM.

Ingredients (all organic or wild)

dead sea salt, himalayan salt, sunflower oil, poke root extract, castor oil, citrus peel, rose geranium hydrosol


How To Use

Move in circular patterns, starting from the extremities and working inward toward the heart. Allow the oils to permeate and the sunny sunflower energy to soak in before rinsing.


Fat of the Land is the work of Anja Schwartz Rothe, a community herbalist, land steward, gardener & writer based in New York’s Hudson Valley.
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