KLISMOS follows the shape of a traditional "husband / partner" style pillow, named after a popular ancient Greek armchair, often depicted on pottery and bas-relief sculptures from the 5th Century BC. Great back support while reading in bed, nursing, or in a child's playroom.
9oz Ebru Hand-Marbled Cotton Canvas/Twill
1/2" thick dyed piping
coil zipper
polyfill stuffing (can remove stuffing to wash, but no separate insert liner)
overall dimensions: 21" tall x 20ish" wide, 10"ish long arms
2LB 3oz
made start to finish in NY's Hudson Valley
Christin Ripley Studio practices the ancient technique of Turkish Ebru Marbling. Mimicing stone-like patterns by floating pigment atop a viscous liquid. As the ink spreads and swirls across the liquid surface its pattern can be manipulated with combs and fans, then fabric or paper is carfully laid atop the liquid vat to capture the one-of-a-kind pattern.


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Made in Catskill, NY