New York Heartwoods

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Sustainable handmade faceted hardwood spatula finished with foodgrade plant-based oils

Care Instructions

Wipe down with a gentle soapy sponge, rinse, and towel dry. Avoid submerging in water. Refresh surfaces with cutting board oil as needed

About New York Heartwoods

Woman-owned, Kingston-based, and founded in 2011, New York Heartwoods' (NYH) furniture and accessories are a byproduct of their desire to conserve forests, reduce waste, and to foster relationships and resiliency in the Hudson Vally region Their heirloom-quality furniture and custom designs are made with wood milled from storm-fallen and urban trees that would otherwise be landfilled, chipped or burned. By donating their wood scraps to local bread maker Jon's Bread, their sawdust to farmers and pit-firing ceramists; using no-VOC finishes; and being resourceful with their designs, they work to have their business be of benefit to the natural and human communities around them."
Mostly made with wood we milled ourselves from storm-fallen and urban trees
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