Dōye Studio

Young mi kim is a ceramic artist, teacher & plant lover. She lives and works in Woodstock, NY. She moved to the catskill mountains from Brooklyn, NY 16 years ago, inspired to grow her own organic food and learn about natural plant world. And of course..... to make pots following the rhythm of nature. She is grateful everyday because she can work in her garden barefoot & make pots listening to the bird songs.

I hand build my work with coil & pinching technique. Each strand of coiled clay is added, then carefully pinched vertically and horizentally to create a form. In this way each layers are formed, and vessels are completed. In essence, each layers mark time & space...
...a prayer if you will
...a poem or a story about a day or two or three.... I weave together with clay to share beauty in my own way.

Vessels are then fired in oxidation, high temp. reduction and some are Woodfired in an Anagama kiln.
When I hand build my pots, it is a form of meditation. It is my humble attempts to live in grace… like an open vessel... empty and yet full, of giving and receiving.
When Pots are fired in the traditional Wood kiln,where many hands are needed to work together, I enter a community of friendship, where our common love for creative process is shared...
When work is shown or collected, I hope to share creative spirit of quite beauty & dance of grace.