Palo Santo Ritual Kit

Palo Santo Ritual Kit

Root & Resin

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INTENTION: Use the sacred wisdom of Palo Santo to support happiness, relaxation, purification, calm and balance of the mind, body and spirit. For centuries, Palo Santo has been used during ceremonies by shamans and healers indigenous to villages along the Yucatan Pennisula to support health and wellbeing. 

AROMATIC PROFILE: balsamic, sweet wood note with a soft citrus finish 

Our Palo Santo is 100% sustainably harvested from the dead heartwood of the fallen Palo Santo tree, and gathered by local Ecuadorian people who reside along the Manabi coast of Ecuador. 

Palo Santo Ritual Kit includes one 10ml bottle green glass bottle of undiluted 100% Palo Santo essential oil, a bundle of 4 sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood sticks wrapped in natural hemp twine and Root and Resin matches in a cotton carrying pouch.

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