Erica Recto

Erica Recto is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works include but are not limited to ceramic and fiber sculpture, functional objects, experiences, and writing.
Her practice is informed academically by 17 years of work in fashion design, illustration, and graphic design. It also draws intuitively from ancestral studies, spirituality, mysticism, functionality and most recently motherhood.

She was most recently the creator behind AMELIA - a brand selling ceramics, handmade incense, and apothecary items - carried in inspirational boutiques across several continents. SHe found initial success but ultimately opted to shutter the brand in late 2018 to focus on motherhood.
She returned to the studio in late 2019 in a more intimate capacity. Less wholesale, more exploration and creation. This change helped her forge a deeper understanding of her studio practice while also reducing my environmental impact by no longer producing and shipping large quantities of work internationally. She values sustainability and often uses repurposed items within her work, as well local and renewable materials when possible.

Stories from the River

Our conversation with artist Erica Recto reminds us to come back to our work with a child’s imagination. We discuss rediscovering our playful nature, engaging with our local community, and trusting the process.

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