Margot Handwoven

Margot Becker is an artist, weaver, and educator living and working in Hudson, NY. Margot Handwoven is her line of functional, versatile textiles that playfully explores the intersections of art and craft. Each one of a kind piece is created by combining traditional patterning and techniques with intuitive design. All of her textiles are one of a kind and designed on loom to be worn and loved in your everyday life.

Process + Materials

Margot Handwoven originated as part of an independent study of the process of creating textiles from start to finish, born from a deep desire to understand the origins and lives affected by the production of the cloths that surround us in our day to day. In 2010 Margot moved to the Hudson Valley to work with Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, a fiber farm with a solar and wind-powered fiber mill on site. For eight years Margot worked on the farm and in the mill where she aided in the process of growing and spinning the wool and mohair she uses in her textiles. Choosing to devote her time to her weaving practice, she no longer works directly with the animals. However, she continues to uphold her values of the conscientious production through careful research of material sources, full transparency of fiber content, and micro-scale production.


Stories from the River

We spoke with Margot Becker of Margot Handwoven on the shifting nature of art versus design, leaving space for grace, and the joys of sitting down to create.

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